Themed 365 Project

Simplicity, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Shot this on one of my treks to Sandy Hook. This is in a pretty remote part of the park although each time I go I find more and more remote spots.
I’ve said it before but I really like B+W, the contrasts and tones really make some shots special, even better than HDR. Yes Ron, I did just said it.

Now that I look at this on screen it’s probably over sharpened, damn!


8 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Great perspective and balance…I don’t think it is over sharpened…I rather enjoy the sharp details leading back into that wonderful depth! The contrast adds excitement to the image and I love the subtle frame! Really nice work (I have to admit it, black and white is really growing on me too)!

  2. Terrific shot, Mike. I like the way my eye is convinced that it has followed the fence from foreground to background even though the line of the fence isn’t actually continuous. No need to convince me about the virtues of black & white – if you can do an image well after having stripped away the distraction of color, you’re good!

    I hope you post another version that you don’t consider over-sharpened so we can compare. I admit to having trouble disinguishing an over-sharpened image so it would be useful to see examples of both.

  3. I don’t think its oversharpened either. I sharpen my images and I go back and put the orig and new one side by side in photoshop to see how strong the difference really is. Then if I am still questioning I will set them both to 100% and make that comparison on the finer details. Then if I remembered to create the layer(whoops) I can make a good adjustment of less or more. I like this image alot the soft background just helps pull the strong character of fence post forward.

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