The Washington Monument

Themed 365 Project

The Washington Monument, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

After shoveling for a about an hour or so and watching a blizzard happen before my eyes I decided to delve into the archives and work on a few pictures from last summer.
This has nothing to do with this years photowalk and I don’t need Ron barking at me for stretching themes so I decided just to post this as a random post.

This is an HDR of a prominent monument in Washington, DC(As if we didn’t know already). It was taken just after sunset and is one of my favorite from the trip. Lots of processing including merging, masking, global and local adjustments, gradients, and a vignette.
What’s your thoughts? Good, not so good, too over-the-top, please let me know.

See it large for full effect.


8 thoughts on “The Washington Monument

  1. I didn’t know your job was to shovel snow around the Washington Monument, but great job considering the news we are getting down under about the situation there, Shame you couldn’t shovel some of those pesky tourists outta the way before you took you HDR. Ah well Mike Warm Weather ahead!

  2. What a great composition! I like how the tourists are lined up on either side of the reflecting pool – they help draw your eyes along the leading lines to the monument. As for the HDR, I love the light on the monument and the saturation in the sky, trees, and reflecting pool. I think I would have considered masking out the extra saturation in the tourists because the colors of the clothing look unnatural to me. But, that’s just me and I’m feeling a bit contrary today! 😉

  3. I think its great and since I was born and lived there for much of my life, you have definitely done it justice. It seems to have a depth to it, maybe its the colors not sure. I like HDR, but know nothing about it, need to investigate. Thanks for taking me back home for a while.

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