Kitchen Utensils

Themed 365 Project

Kitchen Utensils, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

My wife says that this is the ultimate in kitchen utensils. She’s the best baker in the world, so how can I dispute that? Now that will keep me out of the “chateau de bow wow”


7 thoughts on “Kitchen Utensils

  1. That is THE kitchen appliance of all appliances! Looks like she was making cookies…did you send us all a care package?

  2. Please tell her that I noticed how clean her Kitchen Aid is!! What was she making? Glad you are not in the “chateau de bow wow”, it’s not a good place to be especially when something yummy is coming out of the oven!!

  3. I couldn’t live without my red Kitchen Aid! Definitely a baker’s best friend. I like how the mixer is set at an angle to the counter/back splash.

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