Big and Small

Themed 365 Project

Big and Small, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

It’s been tough trying to find something to shoot the last few weeks. The days are so cold and gray. This is kind of out of desperation. But there are a few big trees and small birds in this shot.
Converted to B+W and added a slight vignette.


7 thoughts on “Big and Small

  1. BIG trees and little BIRDS – BOOMER HAS LOST IT! That is worse than your blatant theme stretches, go back to stretching, next your iwll find an Auk or an Ostrich, and a Bonsai plant and call it Big Bird and little tree, we can always count on Mike to break us up! Keep taking the Pills and lay off the booze for a day or two!- Love this wish it was as colourful as your description.

  2. The black and white treatment is perfect for this….I like how the elements in the image go at an angle…makes it more exciting!

  3. Don’t pay attention to Ron – the theme works for me! I’ve really enjoyed catching up on your blog. Lots of nice shots here – very inspirational. A trip to NJ might be in order one of these days – you have so many good photo ops!

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