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Bold, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Commissioned as a result of 158 shipwrecks off New Jersey in the middle 1800’s , the US Lifesaving Service’s main goal was to rescue men and property from shipwrecks in the bay around Sandy Hook.
This building, the last of 3 such buildings, was built in 1849 and housed the brave men responsible for these duties. This station was closed in 1922 as the use of the steamboat drastically reduced shipwrecks of the more fragile sailboat.


12 thoughts on “Bold

  1. I think we need a picture of you and Ron as a photography team…sounds interesting!

    This is another beautiful take – every time I click on your blog I know I won’t be disappointed! The rich natural colors in this are awesome…I love the time of day you shot this at….the lighting is right on!

  2. This shot is so nice. The soft colors make it dreamy – almost nostalgic. I love the angle and how you only show a little of the white garage doors. More white and it would not be as soft. Really pretty.

    1. I’d love to give lessons, always free free to send any questions my way! This image was all about split toning and HDR….For the split toning I just messed around with the settings in the highlights and then shadows until I came up with a aged look. As for the HDR, it was just a subtle application because the dynamic range was already present. Oh yeah, local contrast adjustments to the sky helped with bringing out the clouds.
      Hope this helps!

  3. The warm tones really do give it an old time feel, almost like hand colored post cards. Your touch on processing is so nicely restrained. Oh- nice shot too

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