Themed 365 Project

Cold, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

My 20 minute drive to the beach saw the outdoor temperature go from 26(at my house), to 36(in the parking lot) at the beach. I figuring this can’t be too bad right? I get out of the car, it’s not too bad, very little wind. By the time I get to this spot at the shoreline the wind picks up and it feels like 10 degrees. I managed to hang around for about 40 minutes and take 100 or so shots before retreating to the car.
This is a single shot HDR with the following settings:
iso 100, f19 and 1/4 shutter.


11 thoughts on “Cold

  1. Good to see an old dog back in his old stomping ground, HDR is what you produce so well, but with the drama of this I am surprised that you said it was a one shot creation, this is too powerful and action packed to have been created from one shot alone!

  2. I’m sure it was cold, but the photo doesn’t feel cold to me: too much warm light to feel cold. But STORM and DRAMA and LIGHT would apply to this impressive scene.

  3. On a one shot HDR do you still run it through photomatix?? This is just gorgeous and I would have never guessed you didn’t merge several images together! Breathtaking!

  4. This is gorgeous. It makes me feel a little better about myself to know it took 100 shots. lol. I want to try my hand at HDR. My favorite thing about this photo is the sky. The rocks are great, the water is beautiful, but the sky calls me. Wasn’t one of the composition ideas about showing depth? It was the one with the lighthouse that I am thinking of….well this shot does that better than any I have seen. I just love the sky.

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