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Texture, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

I managed to get out this past weekend to do some shooting and focused on utilizing slower shutter speeds to get that soft silky look to the water. This was one of the better one’s because I was able to get some texture and color on the rock in the foreground as well.
I’ve been looking at some ND filters to help with that silky look maybe a 6 stop ND filter or equivalent. Anyone have any experience with these?

Shot at f22 for a 1 second shutter with Tamron 17-50mm lens.


20 thoughts on “Texture

  1. The soft silky water is just stunning (especially against the hard texture and colors of the rock)! Enlarged this is just drop dead gorgeous – I love the smooth flow of water you got over the rocks – it almost looks like a painted waterfall – spectacular.

    I have never used a ND filter so I will be watching what everyone says about them!

  2. Mike, your images keep getting better and better. This is really quite remarkable.

    I don’t have a ND filter but I’m sure it’s pretty necessary for slowing down motion on bright days.

  3. Amazing, love the softness, and flow of the water, beautiful. I hope I can get one at least half this good. If one of those filters make it this good, I am on the way to the store. What ISO did you use?

  4. Wow. I will be posting a photo of waves crashing on rocks soon, so check it out for comparison. I was trying to catch the action, but I really love the softness of the water in your shot. Very beautiful colors, too.

  5. Mike, this is stunning. What really impresses me, though, is that you accomplished this purely with technical skill–not with the use of the filter.

    1. Thanks Julie for the link, just checked out the video and a subsequent HDR video. Both were very good! ND seem like a good investment.

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