Themed 365 Project

Arc, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

I had to get out and do some shooting today before the rains came and it didn’t last long. I did manage to get this old water wheel along a road in beautiful Colt’s Neck.
I used a fairy tale wedding preset in Lightroom for the effect.
Exif: f4, 1/100 sec at 42mm.

11 thoughts on “Arc

  1. Love the preset you used on this…the tones are beautiful! Love those old wheels, love how it is darker than the tree limbs – it really makes it stand out!

  2. When your spoke of it’s always as a Big Wheel, but I worry about you going around in concentric circles, what is this attached to please and is it working or like me just sitting around rusting.

  3. With all those tangled branches, it might be challenging to get the wheel to stand out, but you’ve done it. Instead of being a dstraction, they end up lending drama to the photo.

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