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I’ve been following a fantastic photographer from here in New Jersey for a few months now and Jack Fusco continues to amaze me with his nighttime astro-photography. This shot got me inspired to give it a whirl and lets just say it was not good. Before I post my failures I’ll give you a shot that is worthy of posting.

The picture above is of the Sea Girt lighthouse, it was first lit in 1896 and was the last live-in lighthouse on the Atlantic Coast. I’ve taken shots of this lighthouse before and the only reason I decided to shoot it again was the fact that as I was setting up down at the beach for some astro-photography and turned around to see a large waxing crescent moon overhead. I wasn’t in the best compositional position down there so I ran up to get a better shot. By that time this was the best position I found. Do you see the moon? Yeah, that’s it, left of the buildings, the size of a speck. It didn’t last long before disappearing.

Thanks for looking and if anyone has any resources for taking nighttime astro-photographic shots please let us know. BTW, you can see Jack Fusco’s work here. I highly recommend you take a look.

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