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I have seen some great shots of the 59th Street Pier in Ocean City, NJ on flickr and when I took my wife to Cape May this weekend for her birthday I had one request, to stop in Ocean City to check out the pier and get a few shots to show y’all(huh?).  I tried to find some info on the pier but google comes up with nothing as far as any history, so with lack of any information on the pier itself  I’ll provide some of the backstory of my shooting process.

Having seen most of the shots on flickr I had a pretty good idea that there weren’t too many different perspectives in which to shoot this pier so I decided to work on my slow shutter technique from a fairly low angle. I’m not so sure I got anything out of the norm but I do like the lines created by the fairly slow retrieval of water. I was able to capture the motion blur of the water with a shutter speed of 3 seconds. Now since it was close to 12:30 in the afternoon on a fairly bright day I opted to utilize my B+W 6 stop ND filter coupled with a Hoya polarizer. This combination definitely slowed down the water but also seemed to take diminish any of the color in the scene so B+W seemed to be the next best option(sorry Ron). Maybe later I’ll post the color version to give you an idea of what I mean.

BTW, Cape May ended up being the perfect choice on this given weekend as the skies were partly cloudy and fairly warm(55). Just nice enough to get some decent shots. We also had our first experience at staying at a B+B. Barbara and Chip, innkeepers at the John F. Craig House, made our experience quite memorable. If you have any desire to stay at a bed and breakfast in Cape May we highly recommend it, even though it’s thought to be still occupied by a few of the original owners….if you know what I mean.

More info on the John F. Craig house can be found here.

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