Metal, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This shot, although several months old(I know I’m cheating) is perfect for this theme because the siding on this house is all copper.
The back story goes like this, my youngest brother, who lives in Las Vegas, is a highly accomplished landscape architect. Most of his work is designing exterior landscapes for the large resorts and high rise complexes on the strip. If you’ve been to Caesar’s Palace lately and seen the pool complex and surrounding landscapes, that’s him. Anyway, he wanted some shots of a high end residential project he did recently. Needless to say, I was real excited to do this because it would obviously help him tremendously as well as give me some pseudo professional shooting experience.
We arrived at the residence about 45 minutes before sundown which didn’t give us much time for shooting optimally. In retrospect it was perfect timing because I could really use my HDR skills as the light got darker and darker. I spent the good part of the first 20 minutes figuring out what he wanted and then it was a race to get the shots done. This is one of the first shots I processed and sent to him. A 3 shot HDR of the left front corner of the house showing the new landscape as well as the house.
My brother was pretty happy with the shots and utilized several of them in a promotional brochure for the company. My plan is to show you a few others when I”m a guest blogger for our photowalk group.
What do ya think?

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